Friday, December 10, 2010

Undeveloped Dream

In my life God has given me many different dreams and many of them I have seen fulfilled and/or developed. For example, I had a dream to go to Germany. God told me when I was sixteen that I would go to Germany. For the next five years I carried that dream knowing that it would someday come to pass. Then, in September of 2005, I found myself on a flight to Munich for my DTS at YWAM Hurlach.

Going back a little further in my life I see three other dreams that God gave me, this time at age twelve. God told me I would be a preacher, teacher and a writer. This was the first clear Word I received from God in my life and naturally I was very excited about it. I told everyone! At the time I had already been writing but the rest of the Word came with a perceived problem. I was terrified of speaking in front of people! Naturally, this was my first focus as it was the biggest hindrance to the dream God had placed in my life.

To make a long story short, God delivered me miraculously from my fear! As Paul talked about in Corinthians; Where I was weak God became my strength! But I was so excited for the new found freedom that for the next 9-10 years I have been strongly pursuing the dream of teaching and preaching but have mostly neglected my dream to write. God has continually reminded me of that dream and yet I have not consistently responded. Occasionally I would decide to write something but then would put it to the side again. This blog is what I believe to be a God idea that puts in the right direction.

Eventually I want to write a novel but I have found that I have neglected my writing so long that I seem a bit rusty and can not find ideas. For that reason I want to take this blog and write about the one topic I always have something to say about: The Bible and Christian living. In the process I hope and pray that some people will find this blog and be ministered to by it. But the main reason is to simply give me a platform to begin to develop a undeveloped dream.

If you have any tips, comments, or encouragement they are always accepted just try to keep it constructive. If you are reading this, thank you for providing me an audience.


  1. God has a plan for you, this is only the beginning.

  2. I remember when God gave you those dreams and it has been exciting to see Him bringing them to fruition in your life.

  3. You bet Matt, I too have been writing and guess what? I didn't do too well in English class either, but when God puts His hand on ours, He has a way of writing through us.

    Bless you brother and can't wait to see your future books ;)

  4. Thanks for the encouragement everyone!