Sunday, April 17, 2011

The Triumphant Entry

Today is Palm Sunday. This is a day that we tend to pass over. We take it simply as a reminder that Easter is coming in a week, but there were significant things happening on this day. Read Matthew 21. Read the account of Jesus and His triumphant entry.

We see the people praising Him as king. We see prophecy fulfilled in the fact that He rides in on a donkey. We see that "out of the mouth of babes" He receives His praise. But the thing that hit me just now was what happened in chapter 22.

In Matthew 22 we see what Jesus decided to do first after He entered as king. He cleans out God's house! This is probably the most violent passage about Jesus. He goes into the temple with a whip, throws over tables, and chases all the people out who were disrespecting God's house.

When reading this passage God gave me a challenge that i want to pass on to all of you. We are now all "temples of the Holy Ghost"! In other words, we are God's house! What is in your life that is defiling God's house? What in your life needs to be chased out with a whip? What in your life needs to be flipped over.

This year, in this week as we prepare for Easter, let us join Jesus in cleaning out the House of God! Let us join Jesus in chasing the impurities out of God's temple, out of us!
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  1. Hi =)
    Cool how it all ties in together--
    The first thing Christ did when he returned to heaven also...cleaned house. ~Revelation 12:9