Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Will you lead? - December 28th, 2011

6 When a man takes hold of his brother
In the house of his father,
You have clothing; 
You be our ruler,
let these ruins be under your power,”
7 In that day he will protest, saying,
“ I cannot cure
your ills,
For in my house
is neither food nor clothing;
Do not make me a ruler of the people.” 
Isaiah 3:6-7

History and Context:
Isaiah is the prophet most quoted by Jesus and by the New Testament authors. There are many Messianic prophecies throughout Isaiah, but the real purpose of the book was to admonish the kings of Judah to rely on the protection of God. Isaiah's ministry focused on the reign of two different kings, Ahaz and Hezekiah. Ahaz did not listen to Isaiah and relied on the protection of Assyria rather than God's protection. Hezekiah also didn't listen at first but as things went bad he turned to God for protection and God rescued the kingdom of Judah. Isaiah continually refers to God as "The Holy One of Israel". This phrase is repeated 26 times in the book of Isaiah and only 6 times in the rest of the Old Testament. Isaiah is also known for having the most messianic prophecies out of any of the prophets.

The Text:
Isaiah is prophesying judgement over Israel in which all the leaders and officials will be taken out. Here he is saying that it will get to the point that if someone has clothing he will be considered a leader and asked to be the ruler of the people just because of what he has. What struck me was the response of the person asked to take leadership. Isaiah prophesies that they will say that they can not help and will tell them not to make them ruler. Out of fear they will not want to step up and take that position. 

The Challenge:
We are in a time where leaders are desperately needed. Who will step up to be a leader in this generation? Who will be willing to be a ruler? It is a sacrifice to make this step but it is something that our society needs. Will you be afraid to take that stand? Will you say, like the man in the prophecy,  "I can not cure your ills"? Or will you step up, full of the Holy Spirit and power, and say I will lead these people. I will speak the Word of God to this generation. If no one else will than I will!

The Prayer:
Lord, fill me with your Holy Spirit. Fill me with boldness and power to take up the mantel of leadership in my generation. Lead me and guide me as I live in this era and in this society. In Jesus' name, Amen!

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