Monday, December 1, 2014

The Definition of Success

Many people define success by material possessions or money. They measure whether someone is successful by their job, salary, or how expensive their house, car, clothes are. Others will combat this idea by saying it is about happiness. They say that whether you are rich or poor doesn't matter as long as you are happy. I think these are both wrong definitions of success.

In the book It Starts At Home by Kurt Bruner and Steve Stroope a new definition of success is presented. Using the simple example of a hammer they show that success is defined as fulfilling the purpose for which something is made. We wouldn't judge a hammer's success by how well it can screw in a screw. A hammer's success is judged only by how well it hammers. If it can hammer in a nail than it is a successful hammer regardless of what else it can or can't do. This is because a hammer was created for the purpose of hammering in nails. That's why it was made.

I believe the definition of success for humans is the same. It doesn't matter how much stuff you have, or how respected you are, or even how happy you are. What matters is are you filling the purpose for which you were made? We were all created and we all were given a purpose before we were ever born. We must simply find out what that purpose is and fulfill that. If we do than we are successful. If we don't we are not successful. This is regardless of whatever else is done in our lives.

What is your purpose? Are you fulfilling it?

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