Sunday, May 24, 2015

Blog Highlight: Dan Black on Leadership

My desire is to help others become better people and leaders through my writing and resources. My goal is to write content that helps you reach your leadership potential.

When embarking on a long road trip with his friend, Dan Black heard his first tape by John Maxwell, the leadership expert. This tape sparked a never ending interest on the topic of leadership that eventually caused him to start blogging. 

On his blog, Dan Black, will post nuggets of wisdom, several times a week, on the topics of leadership and personal development. In addition, most Mondays he has a guest post by another prominent blogger on similar topics. 

Finding and honing your skills and talents as a leader is one of the most important thing you will do in your life. 

We all have a circle of influence, which means we all have people that we are leading, and we need to be intentional on how we lead them. Following Dan Black's blog will give you practical tips on being intentional in your leadership and enhancing those skills that are essential. His posts apply to all of your circles including family, work, church, and even amongst your friends. I encourage to check his blog out.

Here are some of his top posts:

In addition to his blog Dan Black also has a book, The Leadership Mandate, which you can find on Amazon. I already wrote a review of this book here.

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