Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Not Forgotten

A Tribute to the Women and Children in the Red Light District of Calcutta, India.

Born into slavery...
But Not Forgotten

Nameless and voiceless...
But Not Forgotten

Hopeless and abused...
But Not Forgotten

Tired and broken…
But Not Forgotten

Thrown out and dismissed…
But Not Forgotten

All seems dark but there is a light,
A lighthouse to lighten the way,
Showing that there is One who cares.
There is One who sees
There is One who cries into the dark
There is One who loves the unloved
One who brings hope to the hopeless and a voice to the voiceless
There is One

You are Not Forgotten
You are Not Forsaken
You are Cared for
You are Loved

There is One who is calling out to you
Lift up your eyes and see the light
He will never forget you

Who is this One?

He is Alpha and Omega, Beginning and the End
He is Savior and Lord, Father and Friend
He is Healer and Provider, He is Love and Peace
He is the only One who can make the pain cease.
He's Author and Finisher, He'll write your book's end
He'll gather the broken pieces and bring your heart to the mend.

Who is this One?
His name is Jesus

You are Not Forgotten!

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