Thursday, January 6, 2011

Are you Afraid?

Are you afraid? I've said it before, this world needs leaders. They need people that will stand up with a vision. A vision not only for their own lives, but for society. They need people that are not afraid to take a stand. Recently I ran across a song from which the lyrics of the chorus really hit me:

I'm not afraid
To take a stand
Come take my hand
We'll walk this road together, through the storm
Whatever weather, cold or warm
Just lettin you know that, you're not alone
Holla if you feel like you've been down the same road

We need more people who are willing to say this. We need more people that are not afraid to take a stand. But the real reason this song hit me has to do with who the singer is. Some of you may have heard this song but many of you probably have not. It is "Not Afraid" by Eminem. What hit me is that if we are afraid to take a stand then there is going to be someone who is not. If we are afraid to provide leadership to this generation they will find someone to follow.

This increases the urgency of strong, Christian leaders rising up. Often I've seen people in the church afraid to say "follow me" and have even heard sermons on how we should never follow a man but should only follow Jesus. This claim is backed up by the fact that none of us are perfect and therefore we will always be led astray if we follow a human being. As true and Christian as this may sound, it is not the view we see in the Bible. Paul said:

"Imitate me just as I also imitate Christ." 1 Corinthians 11:1

I think that nowadays most Christians are afraid to say this. They are afraid that because they are not perfect they will make to many mistakes to say this, or they are afraid of the responsibility that comes with it. Maybe they are afraid of people's response. But we need Christians today who are willing to say with Paul "I am not ashamed of the Gospel", or with Eminem "I am not afraid, to take a stand"!

So I ask you; Are you afraid? Because if you are afraid there is someone that is not!