Sunday, January 19, 2014

Don't Waste Your Life - Managing your time effectively

The ultimate question of philosophy is "What's the meaning of life?" All humans have something built into them in which they are looking for purpose, a reason for living. After time people can suppress this search and begin to ignore it, but it is still there, deep down. If we look back through the history of philosophy we can see various conclusions as to the meaning of life: Plato told us that it is attaining knowledge, Aristotle said it's happiness, Epicurus said it's pleasure and the Stoicists told us that the highest good is virtue, reason, and natural law.

Of course as Christians we believe in Yahweh and his desire to have relationship with us and also with every human being. Through the Word of God we can see that the meaning of life is build that relationship, to live a life of worship to our creator, and to help others find that same relationship. As Christians we have the answer to the age old question. So then we are confronted with a new question: How are we living our life? Are we wasting our life?

When looking at this question we can all find times in which we did not utilize our time well. We can all see where we wasted valuable time. Time is our most valuable asset, it is what this life is made of, how are we using it? Of course this doesn't mean we can never watch tv, movies, or lounge around the house. In fact sometimes that is needed relaxation for our bodies and minds, making us then more effective when we begin again. However we should look at each moment of choice and decide what the best use of that moment is.

Let us strive towards using our time more effectively and in such, utilizing the life that God has given us. My last two posts were talking about moving towards the vision that God has for us and making goals. This is probably the most important step towards reaching our vision. We need to manage our time effectively.

What should you be doing right now?


  1. It is so true. In order to be effective in life we must be purposeful with our time.

  2. It's seems so easy and yet is so often so difficult to make the right decisions in those small moments. Thank you for commenting Terence.