Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Establishing Goals

"A goal is a dream with deadline."
John C. Maxwell - Be a People Person

I love talking about dreams and visions. It is something that I believe God has put on my heart so that I can help others discover the dreams and visions that God has given them. You can read about this in several of my posts, here are a few to get you started:

A Sick Heart or a Tree of Life (My most recent Post)

As I have laid out in those posts it is clear that vision is important. It is clear that we need to find and recognize our dreams which God has put in our hearts. However if we ever want to achieve those dreams at some point we have to set goals. As John C. Maxwell puts it "A goal is a dream with a deadline." At some point we need to sit down with our dream and decide on when it is going to come to pass. Usually we have to take the large dreams and break it down into smaller dreams first but then put deadlines on those smaller dreams.

These goals can be very straightforward if we have a dream like being a doctor. To be a doctor we have to first get through school. That means our first goal is to get into college for Pre Med, then graduate with high enough grades to be accepted into medical school, then graduate medical school and get a residency, etc. However most of our dreams take a little more creativity than that. 

For example, God has given me a dream to see the church today return to the passion and purity of the early church. That is a great vision but it is to big to take on it's own. How does God want to use me to do that? Does He want me to be doing it in a secular job or working for a church? Or does He want me to start my own ministry? Does He want to use this blog or does He want me to write a book? Or maybe it's all of the above? These are all questions for me to wrestle with and pray about in order to set goals to get to the overall dream that God has given me. 

What is the dream God has given you? Have you broken it down into reachable steps? Have you given those steps deadlines? It's time to start going after that dream!

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