Sunday, April 19, 2015

Highlighting the Highlights

Enjoying my blog? Well don't stop here.

I just want to take a post to direct you to different links surrounding my posts. I hope that God is speaking to you regularly through my posts but there is so much more to be seen.

At the top of the site you can find links to different pages always available on my blog.

Martureo - A Living Martyr - Gives a short description as to why I chose the name "martureo" and what I am trying to say about myself through that name. "Martureo" is the Greek word for "witness" and is the word that we derived the word "martyr" from.

What is the Gospel? - Jesus' last command to us was to "Preach the Gospel to every creature..." but what is the Gospel? The Gospel means simply "good news" and if you are not clear on what that good news is then check out this page.

Living Martyr Ministries - God has put ministry on the hearts of my wife and I. Here I have described the ministry that we are doing and the ministry that we desire to do. Visit this page and pray with us as we seek out this ministry in a greater capacity.

To the Left you can see two sets of links:

The first set of links are ministries that I either have a direct or an indirect connection to. From YWAM Hurlach where I served full time for four years to Strong Hearts Ethiopia which my wife and I are personal friends with the director and founder. There are also ministries in Uganda and Fiji which I found out about through my brother. The links will take you to there blogs describing what they are doing in there prospective ministries. Finally there is Loom International and Connection Ministries based right here in Portland.

The second set of links are blogs that I have discovered and have found encouragement or challenge from their posts. I do not necessarily agree with every post that they make but I find that they have helped me grow in my beliefs and in my life. Some of the bloggers update regularly and others do not. However even those who are not regularly updating have archives of posts that are worth going through. Some of the bloggers I know personally and others I have found through my online connections. I encourage you to check them out and be encouraged and challenged in your walk with God.

In upcoming posts I plan to spend some time expounding on some of these links. God has blessed me with many wonderful connections all over the world and I want to share those connections with you so that you can be blessed and you can also join with these ministries in prayer.

Lastly, you can always search through my past posts. On the left, below the aforementioned links you can see links to my popular posts by page count and on the right, you can see my archive and you can go back all the way to my first post in 2010.

Feel free to explore and let the Lord speak to you.

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