Saturday, April 4, 2015

How Can You Prove That God Is Real?

How can you prove to me that God is real?
When I can't see and I can't feel
The proof of His existence
I try to live right but there's so much resistance
Troubles coming left and right
I try to wait for morning but it's continual night
And the light won't come despite my endless fight
In this life comes continuous pain and strife
At times all I can think of is the gun or the knife.

You say there's a sun beyond the clouds
But all I can see is that you're too proud
To come down and help and guide me
To the one you say can live down inside me
You say that Jesus loves me
But why can it not be
You that shows that love to me
Then I'd fall to my knees and say God prove yourself real to me
But the way you're living shows
You don't really know
Him like you say
So why should I pray
and waste my time
Trying to make Him mine
When He's not even yours
I've got enough sores
from my own battles
But the truth is I need a mantle
To take away the pain on the double
Because I can't see past my troubles

What are you doing to show Christ's love to those who don't know Him?