Sunday, February 8, 2015

A Call to Evangelism - In Rhyme

We've got too many Christians just filling up the churches
What about the people Christ died to purchase?
We must realize this isn't just a game
The lion that we're fighting isn't even close to tame.
He'll take anyone he can with him to hell
While we sit here in our pews willing to sell
Someone else's soul
And give up our goal
So we can sit lackadaisically
And stare in wonder amazedly.
How can you work so lazedly
Doing little to nothing
While you try stuffing 
yourself with spiritual blessing
When really you're just messing yourself
By refusing the stretching and the testing
That causes growth from the crying and fussing
of a little baby
I hope that maybe
One day you might be
Grown straight to maturity
Then you'll take your place in this war
Cause' that's what we're here for
To battle for another's soul
Sometimes it causes you to take a toll
But it's worth it
To birth it
Into existence
And push through the resistance
For the greatest miracle of all
When a lost soul answers the Father's call
And falls under command of the general
And when I'm dancing in eternity
That soul will be dancing right next to me
That's the only reward I want to see
So it's time for us to truly be
Warring soldiers in the Lord's army
You know that's all there is for me.

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