Sunday, February 15, 2015

You Will Seek Me and Find Me...

And you will seek Me and find Me, when you search for Me with all your heart.
Jeremiah 29:13

What a promise! 

If we seek Him we will find Him! 

This promise was made to the children of Israel during one of the darkest times in their history. This was a time where they didn't experience God at all. They were taken captives by their enemies and forced to live in a land of foreign gods. And it was in this time that God makes the promise, " will seek Me and find Me..." The only requirement is that it has to be "...with all their heart."

What does it mean to seek Him with all our heart? 

It means that finding Him, experiencing His presence, is our number one goal. It means that we make the decision to sacrifice those things that hinder us from seeking Him. It means that activities like prayer and Bible reading no longer are just religious activities but life giving passions.

Are you seeking Him with all your heart?

What is it that holds you back from seeking Him? Is it a particular sin? An addiction? Movies or television? Something else that is taking your time? 

You will never experience Him fully until you decide He is more important than everything!

If you truly want revival in your city then it has to start with you. Revival starts with people who seek God wholeheartedly. Then when God shows up it draws people to them. 

Revival has to start somewhere, why not with you?

If you want to make the decision to seek Him wholeheartedly I gave some good ways to start in my post Four Ways We Should Seek the Kingdom First

Remember His promise is that you will find Him!

If you have never sought Him before then feel free to visit my page What is the Gospel for some direction on what it means to be saved.

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